Tales From a Thousand Worlds

Updates Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

The Road Ahead

The site is slowly coming together and with the first story posted, it is time to plan for what is to come next.

I am planning to have a schedule of posting three times a week with new stories or chapters of stories given the length of many of them.  Each post will be around 1000 words, give or take depending on what is happening in the story.  That schedule should be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Normally that will be done in Australian time.

I do plan for Monday and Saturday to be for short stories, while Wednesday will be for an ongoing serial at some point, though as to what it will be and when it will start, that is not yet certain.

For the time I will be starting off with The Chronicles of the White Bull, starting with The Pit.  This collection is a series of 8 stories recounting the journeys of Nhaqosa the Minotaur through a dying world.

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