Tales From a Thousand Worlds

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Echoes of Dark Reflections – Part Three

sm_TCWB_Echoes of Dark Reflections

Half buried where the tower thrust up out of the ground was an opening, a cavity that led into the crystalline structure. Nhaoqsa ducked his head to look into it. Light from the outside reflected off the walls, providing an eerie dark glow down the length of the tunnel that cut its way deep inside. The tunnel itself lay a good meter lower than the surface of the ground, while the opening itself was too small to fit into. Kicking aside some of the earth to clear room, Nhaqosa widened the opening before squeezing in, dropping down to the uneven floor of the tunnel. One by one the others followed him in, crowding near the entrance.

Follow this link for Part Three of Echoes of Dark Reflections

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