Tales From a Thousand Worlds

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Upcoming Stories

I currently have rather a large collection of short fiction written up, totalling near 40 stories, ranging from very short stories to much longer novellas.  Between them there are near 400,000 words, or around the length of four average novels.

Those are just the ones written.  There are a number more in planning or the early stages of writing.

Over time they will all be making an appearance here.  Given the number of stories already written, it may be a while before all of them are shared.  Plus there will be some proper serials starting up at some point as well.

As an indication of what will appear here, and the types of stories they are, here are some of them.

The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade

Pulp style sword and sorcery short fiction influenced by the likes of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber and Michael Moorcock, this collection of sixteen currently written stories (and eight more already planned) follows the adventures of Peregrine, the Aedring swordmaiden, and Carse of the Red Blade, swordsman, dabbler in magic and former assassin.

The first of these stories should be shared soon.

The Adventures of Sir Richard Hammerman

Set in an alternate steampunk/weird science/fantasy Earth, this collection of stories features gentleman-adventurer Sir Richard Hammerman, and his friends and colleagues, including Captain Archibald ‘Archie’ Hammerman, Professor Hamilton Gooding, Obadiah Crabb and more, as they travel around the dark continent of Africus and beyond, encountering pygmies, pterodactyls, weird cults and more.

Primal Tales

A collection of short fiction set in a primordial fantasy world, a place of ancient forests and ruins, of mega beasts and predators.  It is in this world that the Huatti lizardman Tudhala Ramal and the human hunter Braega make their way.

The Adventures of Ray the Robot

A SF/comedy series, Ray the Robot is a possibly malfunctioning robot tested to the limits trying to keep his ‘master’ Brian out of trouble, a fact made more difficult by Brian’s tendency to naively jump both feet first into trouble.

These are just some of the stories that have been written and will be shared here.

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