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Schedule For The Rest Of The Month

For the final week of Short Story Month, I have decided to do daily updates.  So for the last week, each day I shall add to the story in progress.  The current one, The Merchant’s Legacy, will be finished in that time, and the next one, Echoes of Dark Reflections, will commence.

The Merchant’s Legacy – Part Eight

The Merchant's Legacy

Oliat and Lakach returned with the ailing Katako, bringing him into the cave. The man had slipped into unconsciousness once more, shivering and sweating profusely. It took only a glance to show that he was loosing his battle with the venom.

“What is the problem with your man?” Kythias asked upon spotting Katako.

“Poisoned,” Nhaqosa told him. “We were attacked by some spider-beasts last night and he was bitten. We had through we had gotten the venom out in time, but it appears not now.”

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The Merchant’s Legacy – Part Seven

The Merchant's Legacy

They eased their way into the cave cautiously, weapons at the ready for any hint of trouble that may have still lurked within. Torches flickered inside the entrance, casting dancing light about.

There were no more bandits to be found, only the spoils of their degradations. There were boxes and crates and sacks piled high all about, racks of spare weapons, benches and tables, upon which sat stoneware jugs as well as coins and stones and dice. Nhaqosa’s band spread through the cave, searching through the piled loot.

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The Merchant’s Legacy – Part Six

The Merchant's Legacy

The band spread out along the perimeter of the clearing, amongst the eaves of the trees, moving into position as quietly as they could, their weapons in hand. Nhaqosa stationed himself with Lakach and the three others who accompanied him, two who carried crossbows and the third equipped with a short bow.

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The Merchant’s Legacy – Part Five

The Merchant's Legacy

For the rest of the day they pressed on beneath the welcoming shade of the trees that provided some relief from the heat that broiled the air. The whole time the tireless Nhaqosa carried the weakened Katako in his arms, without complaint or pause in his step. Even though their long association with Nhaqosa had accustomed the former gladiators and slaves to the sheer strength of the giant minotaur, the display they beheld left even them in awe of his efforts.

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The Merchant’s Legacy – Part Four

The Merchant's Legacy

The arrival of morning saw Katako’s condition improved, though he still remained weak from the ordeal.

“I am fine, Kwaza” he reassured the concerned Nhaqosa. “I can manage. Besides which, we can not afford a delay.”

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The Merchant’s Legacy – Part Three

The Merchant's Legacy

Night descended upon them well before they reached the hills. Besides a tiny stream, one that barely trickled across the plains through a much broader creek-bed, they set up camp. Dried and cracked mud, baked by the sun, and smooth worn stones marked where it had once flowed much stronger and deeper, but, like the rest of the countryside, it too had suffered from the prolonged drought.

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May is Short Story Month

I recently found out that we are in Short Story Month.  As a short fiction writer, this piqued my interest.  It seems to have been declared back in 2013, so it is a new happening.  It isn’t a big event yet, with world wide coverage and sponsorship and the like, but it is one I hope can go from strength to strength.

As it is Short Story Month, and I write short stories (and novelettes and novellas), I plan to get involved.  Well, more than I already do with my thrice weekly updates.  I will have to consider some way to properly mark the month.

The Merchant’s Legacy – Part Two

The Merchant's Legacy

The fields that they passed through around the village had been made dry by a long, hot summer. Crops withered and wilted under a blazing sun. The harvest was destined to be a poor one, another in a string of them, reaching back to the days when the Empire had fallen. Ahead of the rough trail they followed, lying shimmering blue against a hazy horizon, were the hills for which they were making, low and rolling but dominating the flat lands before them. Not a cloud marred the sky, a burning washed out blue that promised days of no relief, whilst the air hung still and heavy, without a breath of breeze to stir it. Insects sung all about them in the stifling heat that bore down upon them like a heavy blanket.

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The Merchant’s Legacy – Part One

The Merchant's Legacy

It was, Nhaqosa had decided, the stares that got to him the most. Each village, each town, each tiny settlement they had passed through, it was always the same; always the stares. Blacksmiths laid aside hammers to come take a look, farmers tightened their grip on scythes and pitchforks, merchants shut up shop, while children hid behind their parents and the common folk fled.

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