Tales From a Thousand Worlds

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Wisdom From The Ashes – Part One

sm_TCWB_Wisdom from the Ashes

A faint breeze stirred at the red dust of the arid lands. Withered and parched trees and shrubs clung to a precarious life amidst the hills that rolled down into the lowlands to the east, where drifting deserts spread, fingers of windswept sand snaking their way up into valleys and washes, drowning all that they came across. Long abandoned farmsteads lay scattered across the lower slopes of the hills, their fields now buried beneath the encroaching sands and the buildings half submerged as the deserts continued their remorseless drive towards the west. Soon they would crest the hills like a wave and spill down into the lands beyond, sweeping aside the last vestiges of humanity.

Follow this link for Part One of Wisdom From The Ashes

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