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Daughter of the Windswept Hills – Part One

Across the windswept slopes of craggy hills a young woman ran, her bare feet treading lightly upon cold earth and stone. Largely barren, little grew in that region of hills bar a few gnarled trees and patches of moss. Drifts of snow banked up against boulders and the trunks of fallen trees. A chill wind carried from the mountains beyond, where grey clouds rolled down across snow covered heights.

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Coming Up Next

With Echoes of Dark Reflections now having finished, it is time to start the next stories.  In this case I will be running two different stories at the same time.  One is the next in The Chronicles of the White Bull, called Wisdom from the Ashes.

The second will be the first story from The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade, a sword and sorcery series very much in the manner of the pulps of old.  The first story in this rather large collection is a novelette entitled Daughter of the Windswept Hills, which will be followed by the novella length The Red Blade.

The schedule for the moment is to have The Chronicles of the White Bull run on Monday and Wednesday, while The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade will be on Saturdays.

Echoes of Dark Reflections – Part Seven

sm_TCWB_Echoes of Dark Reflections

In the barren, dead earth of the ground outside of the tower, eleven graves were dug, eleven members of the band, the family, fallen to the horrors that had lain within; not just within the tower, but within themselves. Upon each Nhaqosa set a simple tone carving of a wolf, in the ancient rite of his people, sending them a guide to lead their feet on the long paths home.

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Echoes of Dark Reflections – Part Six

sm_TCWB_Echoes of Dark Reflections

Veqtos led them down a seemingly endless array of tunnels, a veritable maze, while the darkened crystal walls felt as if they were closing in around them. There were numerous more small chambers that opened out off of the corridor, all of which stood empty. Of the others, no sign could be seen after they had found Telata’s body. Nhaqosa felt a growing unease about that, an anxiety to know where they were. He had promised them much, and then led them to this place. If they were dead, well, then that would be too much to bear.

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