Tales From a Thousand Worlds

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Daughter of the Windswept Hills – Part Five

The Aedring warriors took up positions near the entrance to the valley to the west, from whence the raiders would come. The stream crashed its way down through the gap, towards the lowlands, and there an old trail made its way alongside it. The valley narrowed there, and the hills grew steeper still, almost to vertical in parts, enclosing the valley. The Aedring faded away into the landscape, using the terrain as only a native could, as sly as a hunting fox, hidden from sight so as to make the valley appear open and inviting to any that entered it. Even the sharpest eyed hawk would have been troubled to spot them. In the hill country, surviving required great skill in the arts of stealth and camouflage.

Follow this link for Part Five of Daughter of the Windswept Hills

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