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Poll: What Would You Like To See Next?

With the four currently written stories of The Cahuac Cycle now available, it is time to start thinking of what to do next with Wednesdays.

It has always been my goal to do a long, ongoing serial.  I’ve got a number of ideas for serials I’d like to do, but the question is which one.  I am throwing it open to see what people think and what people would like to see.  The choices are as follows;

1) Space Opera: Follows the exploits of humanity as he first heads out into space, discovering new worlds, aliens and adventures.  Hard science and profound revelations this won’t be.  Initially it will revolve around humanity finding their place in the galaxy as a crew of a ship cut off from Earth try to find a way home.

2) Urban Fantasy: Darker and not your typical UF.  There are no vampires, werewolves, zombies or fae.  The creatures out there are different.  The main character is one of these, a creature drawn into the world to deal with waking nightmares that are stalking a victim for unknown purposes.

3) Cyberpunk/Urban Fantasy: Take an urban fantasy setting, with dvergar and alfar and magic, and mix it up with cybernetics, biogenetics and other cyberpunk tropes.  It follows the exploits of a trio down on their luck and insignificant people – a burned out army vet, a hustling street mage and a crippled information gatherer.

4) Fantasy: Don’t expect wizards and knights and castles in this fantasy world.  Think of an early time, of petty kings and hill forts, of champions and honour, where magic is untamed and of the forests and hills and waters.


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