Tales From a Thousand Worlds

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The Sign of the Bronze Hammer – Part Five

sml_The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

They walked thus in silence along the street Blade had named, down to the city gates that led through the walls that ringed the man-made lake. While guards were posted there, they paid little attention to those coming and going, being more content to lean upon their spears and converse with each other. On occasions they would make a show of stopping a person and questioning him before waving them through after the most perfunctory of searches. Even if they were to find something, they were too poorly paid to give it much concern beyond an attempt at bribery. Peregrine and Blade passed through the gates without so much as a glance, an outcome Blade found most fortuitous, as he did not know how they would explain a package that not even they knew the contents of.

Follow this link for Part Five of The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

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