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Rats in the City – Part Five

DPB_Rats in the City

The tunnel meandered along with seemingly no apparent course, making turns here and there at random. While it was a more comfortable fit, it did not make matters much better. The pungent aroma of rodent still infused the air and now Blade could better make out what he was crawling though. Shuddering, he looked ahead, trying to ignore the soft, squishy sensation beneath his gloved hands.

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Rats in the City – Part Four

DPB_Rats in the City

The tunnel proved both tight and cramped, so much so that Blade could barely lift his head. He was forced to drag himself along with his elbows and push with his feet. The tunnel cut through the stone wall but then plunged into earth, which seemed odd to Blade, as they were at the same level as the bricked in door, and nor where they going downwards, at least not at first. Perhaps, he pondered, the lower level of the tower had become buried, which explained the door.

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Hammer of the Pygmies – Part Two

Despite the hour of the day, with evening having already made its presence felt and the long shadows of night emerging, the air still felt oppressive with a heavy heat as Sir Richard emerged from the house. Fans had cooled the interior, run from the boilers in the basement. No such cooling breeze blew through the streets. Lamp posts glowed down the way, illuminating the street of the modest, white painted houses of the gentry, each with fence of iron railings before it. Out on the waters, lights twinkled from the many ships at anchor.

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