Tales From a Thousand Worlds

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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 1 – Prologue

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 1 – Shadow of the Raven

Prologue – Magefire

The searing burst of magefire crackled as it lashed through the air of the high vaulted, round chamber, hot enough that it left a glowing trail behind, a lingering after effect that faded only slowly. It arced about and latched onto one of the pale green crystals set high up in the red stone walls, there to be caught tight in an arcane grip. It whipped about in a frenzy, searing at the walls and leaving scorch marks behind as it struck them, flailing with a frenetic impotence. A smell of burning metal suffused the air, growing stronger with each passing moment. The crystal glowed with an inner light, growing stronger as the lashing of the flames faltered and failed, draining away.

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