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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 1 – Chapter 1

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 1 – Shadow of the Raven

Chapter 1 – Traps and Pitfalls

The rope snapped taunt. Kathri, hanging from the end of it, swung into the stone wall of the pit she had tumbled down, hard enough to drive the breath from her lungs and numb her shoulder. She bounced off the wall, spun about on the end of the rope and hit it again, her knuckles white as she gripped on tight. Coming to a halt, her feet dangling over open air, she peered down to where the smouldering remains of her torch could be made out. It lay on the ground a few metres below her, among serrated rows of rusty spikes that thrust upwards. The broken remains of a skeleton lay down near the torch, impaled on a number of spikes, all flesh long since having been stripped from the bones.

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