Tales From a Thousand Worlds

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About Echo of the Ages

As I have just started the Echo of the Ages of the serial, I felt I should discuss it a little, of how it is structured and what it is all about.

Echo the Ages is a sprawling epic fantasy, with all that that entails.  Added to this is a lot of delving into ruins and tombs for lost relics and treasures, as that is what the starting POV character, Kathri, does for a living.

As for the structure of the story, it is in the form of a serial.  For comparison, consider a TV series that has lasted several seasons, one with an overarching plot that encompasses the length of the series..  Each book in the series is the equivalent of a single season, with an ongoing arc.  Each part is like a single episode.  It ties in with the arc mostly, but the events within it are mostly solved by the end of the part.  The chapters are like scenes in the episode.  Hopefully that makes sense.

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