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The Oasis of Broken Bones – Part Twelve

DPB_The Oasis of Broken Bones

Blade watched as the hermit made his way closer, unable to transfer his gaze even if he wished to. A nameless dread filled him at the sight of the knife the hermit held. It promised more than mere death in its wicked edge. The hermit raised it and tested the edge with his thumb. A malevolent smile played across his face as he did so.

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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 1 – Chapter 4

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 1 – Shadow of the Raven

Chapter 4 – The Crown of the Emperor

Total darkness enveloped Kathri, along with a chill that sleeted through her, piercing skin and flesh and bones. She could feel herself seeping through the wall, as well as the wall seeping through her, all at the same time. In some way it felt like swimming through water, if water was pitch black and flowed through you. Her heart skipped a beat and a moment of panic began to rise in her throat.

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Nights of Fire – Part One

sm_TCWB_Nights of Fire

The first flakes of snow drifted along upon the air, born aloft by a chill breeze that gusted through the barren, windswept range of hills. They tumbled to a rest on a dozen travellers negotiating their way through the rugged terrain, a rough looking mob bundled up against the weather. The snow melted almost as soon as they had settled on the travellers.

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A Bonus Post and a New Story

With the completion of Hammer of the Pygmies, a new Wednesday story will be starting, this one being Nights of Fire, the sixth in the Chronicles of the White Bull collection, continuing on with the journey of Nhaqosa.

Given the brevity of the last entry for Hammer of the Pygmies, I have decided that later on today I will post the first entry for Nights of Fire to make up for it.

Hammer of the Pygmies – Part Eleven

Late September saw the expedition stagger back into Cape Colony, after a long and wearying journey from the pygmy infested lands of the north. Their escape had not gone unnoticed, and for three tense days the infernal creatures had snapped at their heels, denying them rest along the way. Only once the jungles began to clear did the pygmies give up their pursuit. Even so, not until they had at last returned to civilisation did they feel any sense of safety.

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