Tales From a Thousand Worlds

Updates Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Coming Up Next

With both Nights of Fire and The City in Shadows having finished, we will be moving on to the next stories.

The City on Shadows will be followed by the eight Peregrine and Blade story, entitled Dreams of Days to Come.  A dark and terrible power has arisen in the jungles to the south of Metsheput, bringing with it death and destruction.  At the behest of the Metsheputi Queen, Peregrine and Blade travel to confront the darkness before it brings ruin to all.

Nights of Fire will be followed by the second of the comedic sci-fi Ray the Robot stories.  In Ray and the Alien Princesses, Ray’s hapless master Brian is  on the run from NavCorp for, among other things, Grand Theft Starship and impersonating a robot.  Crash landing on an alien planet, he finds it is inhabited by a bevy of green skinned alien princesses who desire his help.  Ray is less than convinced of their designs and once more has to save his master, whether he desires it or not.

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