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Coming Up Next

With Echoes of Dark Reflections now having finished, it is time to start the next stories.  In this case I will be running two different stories at the same time.  One is the next in The Chronicles of the White Bull, called Wisdom from the Ashes.

The second will be the first story from The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade, a sword and sorcery series very much in the manner of the pulps of old.  The first story in this rather large collection is a novelette entitled Daughter of the Windswept Hills, which will be followed by the novella length The Red Blade.

The schedule for the moment is to have The Chronicles of the White Bull run on Monday and Wednesday, while The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade will be on Saturdays.

Upcoming Stories

I currently have rather a large collection of short fiction written up, totalling near 40 stories, ranging from very short stories to much longer novellas.  Between them there are near 400,000 words, or around the length of four average novels.

Those are just the ones written.  There are a number more in planning or the early stages of writing.

Over time they will all be making an appearance here.  Given the number of stories already written, it may be a while before all of them are shared.  Plus there will be some proper serials starting up at some point as well.

As an indication of what will appear here, and the types of stories they are, here are some of them.

The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade

Pulp style sword and sorcery short fiction influenced by the likes of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber and Michael Moorcock, this collection of sixteen currently written stories (and eight more already planned) follows the adventures of Peregrine, the Aedring swordmaiden, and Carse of the Red Blade, swordsman, dabbler in magic and former assassin.

The first of these stories should be shared soon.

The Adventures of Sir Richard Hammerman

Set in an alternate steampunk/weird science/fantasy Earth, this collection of stories features gentleman-adventurer Sir Richard Hammerman, and his friends and colleagues, including Captain Archibald ‘Archie’ Hammerman, Professor Hamilton Gooding, Obadiah Crabb and more, as they travel around the dark continent of Africus and beyond, encountering pygmies, pterodactyls, weird cults and more.

Primal Tales

A collection of short fiction set in a primordial fantasy world, a place of ancient forests and ruins, of mega beasts and predators.  It is in this world that the Huatti lizardman Tudhala Ramal and the human hunter Braega make their way.

The Adventures of Ray the Robot

A SF/comedy series, Ray the Robot is a possibly malfunctioning robot tested to the limits trying to keep his ‘master’ Brian out of trouble, a fact made more difficult by Brian’s tendency to naively jump both feet first into trouble.

These are just some of the stories that have been written and will be shared here.

Coming Up Next

The Merchant’s Legacy has reached its conclusion and so we will be moving on to the next story in The Chronicles of the White Bull.  Echoes of Dark Reflections is around 7850 words and tends towards being darker than the previous stories.

sm_TCWB_Echoes of Dark Reflections

In a barren, dying land the giant white minotaur Nhaqosa and his band of hardened gladiators come across a broken, crystal tower. Horrors lay inside, horrors that must be defeated, no matter the cost, for if they are not the lands are surely doomed.

Schedule For The Rest Of The Month

For the final week of Short Story Month, I have decided to do daily updates.  So for the last week, each day I shall add to the story in progress.  The current one, The Merchant’s Legacy, will be finished in that time, and the next one, Echoes of Dark Reflections, will commence.

May is Short Story Month

I recently found out that we are in Short Story Month.  As a short fiction writer, this piqued my interest.  It seems to have been declared back in 2013, so it is a new happening.  It isn’t a big event yet, with world wide coverage and sponsorship and the like, but it is one I hope can go from strength to strength.

As it is Short Story Month, and I write short stories (and novelettes and novellas), I plan to get involved.  Well, more than I already do with my thrice weekly updates.  I will have to consider some way to properly mark the month.

Why I Write Short Fiction

Flash fiction, short stories, novelettes and novellas.  I’m a big fan of all forms of short fiction, both reading and writing it.  I didn’t used to be so enthusiastic about it.

Once upon a time I was an avid reader of the epic doorstopper form of fantasy, with its multiple volumes of weighty tomes and series that didn’t end.  However, the more that they didn’t end, the more I began to drift away from them.  Waiting 20+ years for the conclusion of a story I started when much younger began to wear thin.  As did the padding that became more ad more pronounced as the series went on that filled out the books solely to keep the series going.

In addition I didn’t have as much time to devote myself to such weighty series.  And so I began reading other forms of fantasy – short fiction.  The epics went unfinished – there are only a few that I have completed.  I grew to enjoy the shorter form for its sharp action, succinct stories, lack of padding and general fun of action and adventure.

The more I read of them, the more I wanted to write them as well.  I had always thought I’d write those sprawling epics when I was younger, but just as my reading tastes have changed, so have my writing.  I began to write short fiction and found it much easier and fun.  While I knew making a living from short fiction was harder than novels I had found my style and wasn’t going to let that stop me.

Over a couple of years I’ve written a large number of works of short fiction, with a whole bunch more planned.  I look forward to sharing them and hope people have as much enjoyment reading them as I did writing them.

The Road Ahead

The site is slowly coming together and with the first story posted, it is time to plan for what is to come next.

I am planning to have a schedule of posting three times a week with new stories or chapters of stories given the length of many of them.  Each post will be around 1000 words, give or take depending on what is happening in the story.  That schedule should be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Normally that will be done in Australian time.

I do plan for Monday and Saturday to be for short stories, while Wednesday will be for an ongoing serial at some point, though as to what it will be and when it will start, that is not yet certain.

For the time I will be starting off with The Chronicles of the White Bull, starting with The Pit.  This collection is a series of 8 stories recounting the journeys of Nhaqosa the Minotaur through a dying world.

Welcome to Tales From a Thousand Worlds

Welcome aboard Tales From a Thousand Worlds.

What is this site?

Pretty much what it says on the can.  It is a growing collection of short fiction, series and serials of the SFF variety for the most – heroic fantasy, sword and sorcery, urban fantasy, cyberpunk, steampunk, space opera and the like – to be updated weekly, or more often, depending on circumstances.

I don’t claim that they are literature, but that they are more like escapism fiction in the style of the pulps.  Action, adventure, fun.

I look forward to your feedback as the site expands and content is added.