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The Red Blade – Part Four

sml_The Red Blade

Carse probed carefully at the heavy lock with the thin piece of wire. His eyes had been bound by a thick band of cloth so that he could see nothing at all. Gently he turned the wire, feeling for the minute vibrations that travelled through it into his fingers, building up a picture of the lock’s inner workings in his mind. A twist, a turn, and he heard a faint click as the lock came undone.

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The Red Blade – Part Three

sml_The Red Blade

The training sword, made of tightly bundled reeds, slithered through the air like a striking serpent, beating aside Carse’s flailing thrust with ease, before rapping him upon the ribs, adding yet one more blow to the numerous that had already slipped by his defences. Even though it was just a training sword, the arm behind it was like tempered steel and no leniency was given for his age. His weekly training sessions in the noble art of swordplay always ended with his ribs a mass of bruises.

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The Red Blade – Part Two

sml_The Red Blade

Athradies led the boy Carse though the winding streets of Ardanium, headed for a string of hills scattered like pearls along the banks of the river Shalahir, a surging torrent fed by distant mountains, uncertain and temperamental in nature, quick to rage and prone to floods. Only in the hills could refuge be found from the surging waves when such occurred, and there the villas of the rich and powerful stood, building of marble facing spread out among the immaculately crafted gardens of roses and tall trees, sheltered from the city below.

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The Red Blade – Part One

sml_The Red Blade

The lilting tones of a young boy’s voice drifted high above the murmur of the market forums, above the endless susurration of conversations, and of shopkeepers competing with one another, hawking their wares to potential customers, the raucous bursts of laughter, the barking of dogs and the clinking of money as it changed hands. A clarity of tone as fine as delicate crystal rung in the voice, enough to rend the heart of any who listened, yet it strove to compete with the babble of the market that blended into one solid sound, and with the apathy of those within.

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Coming Soon

Both of the current stories, Wisdom From The Ashes and Daughter of the Windswept Hills, are drawing close to their ends.

Replacing Wisdom From The Ashes is the next in The Chronicles of the White Bull series, Legion of the Sands, an 8200 word novelette.

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands



Following on from Daughter of the Windswept Hills is the next Deeds of Peregrine and Blade sword and sorcery story, an almost 18000 word novella which introduces the other member of the due, Blade, entitled The Red Blade.

sml_The Red Blade