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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 1 – Chapter 4

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 1 – Shadow of the Raven

Chapter 4 – The Crown of the Emperor

Total darkness enveloped Kathri, along with a chill that sleeted through her, piercing skin and flesh and bones. She could feel herself seeping through the wall, as well as the wall seeping through her, all at the same time. In some way it felt like swimming through water, if water was pitch black and flowed through you. Her heart skipped a beat and a moment of panic began to rise in her throat.

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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 1 – Chapter 3

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 1 – Shadow of the Raven

Chapter 3 – The Emperor and the Raven

Kathri did not see the explosion when it occurred, not directly. The searing flash of light that accompanied it pierced even through her closed eyelids. Rather than seeing it, she felt it and heard it. A blast of pressure swirled over and around the crystal, slamming into her. Dust picked up by the blast swept across her, stinging exposed flesh as it struck. Her ears were riven by the explosion, the sound of it bouncing through the chamber, deafening in its intensity, a cacophony of noise that assaulted the senses and seemed to go on and on without end. The intensity of it rolled over her, battering at her. She clung on tight, waiting for it to come to an end.

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About Echo of the Ages

As I have just started the Echo of the Ages of the serial, I felt I should discuss it a little, of how it is structured and what it is all about.

Echo the Ages is a sprawling epic fantasy, with all that that entails.  Added to this is a lot of delving into ruins and tombs for lost relics and treasures, as that is what the starting POV character, Kathri, does for a living.

As for the structure of the story, it is in the form of a serial.  For comparison, consider a TV series that has lasted several seasons, one with an overarching plot that encompasses the length of the series..  Each book in the series is the equivalent of a single season, with an ongoing arc.  Each part is like a single episode.  It ties in with the arc mostly, but the events within it are mostly solved by the end of the part.  The chapters are like scenes in the episode.  Hopefully that makes sense.

Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 1 – Chapter 2

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 1 – Shadow of the Raven

Chapter 2 – Among Crystal Sarcophagi

The journey down the rest of the corridor, cautious due to the need to be mindful for any further traps along its length and slowed by the need to clear the webs from along it, proved uneventful. No matter how many times Kathri had descended into tombs, Hajanri or otherwise, she had never got over the nerves of half expecting a trap to go off at any moment.

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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 1 – Chapter 1

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 1 – Shadow of the Raven

Chapter 1 – Traps and Pitfalls

The rope snapped taunt. Kathri, hanging from the end of it, swung into the stone wall of the pit she had tumbled down, hard enough to drive the breath from her lungs and numb her shoulder. She bounced off the wall, spun about on the end of the rope and hit it again, her knuckles white as she gripped on tight. Coming to a halt, her feet dangling over open air, she peered down to where the smouldering remains of her torch could be made out. It lay on the ground a few metres below her, among serrated rows of rusty spikes that thrust upwards. The broken remains of a skeleton lay down near the torch, impaled on a number of spikes, all flesh long since having been stripped from the bones.

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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 1 – Prologue

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 1 – Shadow of the Raven

Prologue – Magefire

The searing burst of magefire crackled as it lashed through the air of the high vaulted, round chamber, hot enough that it left a glowing trail behind, a lingering after effect that faded only slowly. It arced about and latched onto one of the pale green crystals set high up in the red stone walls, there to be caught tight in an arcane grip. It whipped about in a frenzy, searing at the walls and leaving scorch marks behind as it struck them, flailing with a frenetic impotence. A smell of burning metal suffused the air, growing stronger with each passing moment. The crystal glowed with an inner light, growing stronger as the lashing of the flames faltered and failed, draining away.

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Upcoming Schedule

With The Sign of the Bronze Hammer, the third Peregrine and Blade short fiction story finished, it is time to reveal what is coming up, and of some changes to the schedule I am planning to make.

The three time a week schedule will continue as before but with some changes to what is posted.

Mondays will be devoted to The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade, with the next story in the series, Rats in the City, starting soon.

On Wednesdays will be a variety of different stories from different collections and genres, with next in line being a steampunk story called Hammer of the Pygmies.

Saturdays will see a new project start, an ongoing episodic serial called The Echo of Ages – part epic fantasy, part adventure archaeology.


Poll: What Would You Like To See Next?

With the four currently written stories of The Cahuac Cycle now available, it is time to start thinking of what to do next with Wednesdays.

It has always been my goal to do a long, ongoing serial.  I’ve got a number of ideas for serials I’d like to do, but the question is which one.  I am throwing it open to see what people think and what people would like to see.  The choices are as follows;

1) Space Opera: Follows the exploits of humanity as he first heads out into space, discovering new worlds, aliens and adventures.  Hard science and profound revelations this won’t be.  Initially it will revolve around humanity finding their place in the galaxy as a crew of a ship cut off from Earth try to find a way home.

2) Urban Fantasy: Darker and not your typical UF.  There are no vampires, werewolves, zombies or fae.  The creatures out there are different.  The main character is one of these, a creature drawn into the world to deal with waking nightmares that are stalking a victim for unknown purposes.

3) Cyberpunk/Urban Fantasy: Take an urban fantasy setting, with dvergar and alfar and magic, and mix it up with cybernetics, biogenetics and other cyberpunk tropes.  It follows the exploits of a trio down on their luck and insignificant people – a burned out army vet, a hustling street mage and a crippled information gatherer.

4) Fantasy: Don’t expect wizards and knights and castles in this fantasy world.  Think of an early time, of petty kings and hill forts, of champions and honour, where magic is untamed and of the forests and hills and waters.


The Road Ahead

The site is slowly coming together and with the first story posted, it is time to plan for what is to come next.

I am planning to have a schedule of posting three times a week with new stories or chapters of stories given the length of many of them.  Each post will be around 1000 words, give or take depending on what is happening in the story.  That schedule should be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Normally that will be done in Australian time.

I do plan for Monday and Saturday to be for short stories, while Wednesday will be for an ongoing serial at some point, though as to what it will be and when it will start, that is not yet certain.

For the time I will be starting off with The Chronicles of the White Bull, starting with The Pit.  This collection is a series of 8 stories recounting the journeys of Nhaqosa the Minotaur through a dying world.