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Ray and the Alien Princesses – Part Four

The interior of the base was much larger than Brian had expected, being a labyrinth of corridors and rooms far too large for the needs of just seven women. The only other movement he saw was from the odd android rattling along corridors, no two of which were alike. The interior itself was a little strange as well, and a bit off putting. The walls and ceilings and floors were slightly out of alignment so that it bent sight askew, while the doors were shaped vaguely like mushrooms, bulbous at the top but thinning below. Each door was marked by writing, a strange and disturbing script in a language unknown, and Brian was sure that he didn’t want to know it either.

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Ray and the Alien Princesses – Part Three

“Hello captain.” The alien woman’s voice was sultry and seductive, accentuated by her soft tones. “We always welcome visitors that drop by, though few do so quite so literally.”

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Ray and the Alien Princesses – Part Two

The Halicarnassus tore through the upper atmosphere of the planet, a comet of blazing flame. The air brakes screamed and wailed in alarm, begging for relief, but to no avail. Ray rode them hard and the ship shook violently as a result.

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Ray and the Alien Princesses – Part One


The plasma shroud detonated just off ahead of the fleeing corvette Halicarnassus, erupting in a scintillating display of vividly blossoming colours set against the chill black of deep space. If not for the inherent threat it posed – and represented – Brian would have found the expanding superheated cloud an enthralling vision, a sight that lived up to the nickname bestowed upon it; the Deathblossom.

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Ray and His Human

Brian was in trouble.

The panel of lights before him that, with depressing regularity, lit up when there was a problem aboard were for the moment dark and silent. Normally that was a cause for celebration given the ramshackle state of his ship.

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