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Echo of the Ages

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Echo of the Ages

The tide of years washes over the lands and in its wake civilisations and nations vanish, leaving behind only monuments of past glories, forgotten ruins buried beneath the sands and hidden tombs.

Within them can be found the wealth of the past, by those skilled and lucky, wealth enough for a lifetime.  The ruins do not give up their treasures easily though, for often they are guarded by traps and wards.

Kathri, the daughter of exiles and mistrusted for her nature,  is one such who plunders the ruins of the past, having both the skill and the luck to survive.  

Danger comes from not just from within, as there are rivals who would do whatever it takes to beat her to the treasures, and also the Mages and the Kingdoms of the Ciosalan Conclave that have proclaimed that the Mages alone have the rights to search through the ruins and who punish severely any caught plundering.

It may turn out though that the greatest danger is what lies in the ruins that seeks to get out…

Echo of the Ages is an epic fantasy serial of ruins and ancient magic, of subterfuge and scheming and of a danger that walks unobserved, waiting for the right time to strike.

Book One – The Crown of Fire 

Part One – Shadow of the Raven

Prologue – Magefire

Chapter One – Traps and Pitfalls

Chapter Two – Among Crystal Sarcophagi

Chapter Three – The Emperor and the Raven

Chapter Four – The Crown of the Emperor

Chapter Five – Respite of the Ravens

Chapter Six – Touch of a Shadow

Part Two – Song of the Earth

Prologue – An Ancient Stone

Chapter One – The Weight of the Earth

Chapter Two – Fire in the Clouds

Chapter Three – The Hospitality of Strangers

Chapter Four – A Singing of the Blood

Chapter Five – Dreams and Visions

Chapter Six – Games, Songs and Tales

Chapter Seven – Swords in the Moonlight

Chapter Eight – At The Ridge

Part Three – Scion of the Wyrm

Prologue – The House of Light

Chapter One – The Street of Antiquities

Chapter Two – The Archivist and the Agent

Chapter Three – The House of Abravante

Chapter Four – Reasons for Concern

Chapter Five – The Old City

Chapter Six – A Ghost from the Past

Chapter Seven – Myths and Legends

Chapter Eight – The Veiled

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