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Hammer of the Pygmies – Part Eleven

Hammer of the Pygmies

Part Eleven – A Cup of Tea

Late September saw the expedition stagger back into Cape Colony, after a long and wearying journey from the pygmy infested lands of the north. Their escape had not gone unnoticed, and for three tense days the infernal creatures had snapped at their heels, denying them rest along the way. Only once the jungles began to clear did the pygmies give up their pursuit. Even so, not until they had at last returned to civilisation did they feel any sense of safety.

Barely had they stepped back into their residence than Doctor Gooding had vanished with the stone tablets they had recovered from the pygmy temple, secluding himself in his study to commence the scrutiny and translation of them.

“A cup of tea, sir?” Obadiah asked, hanging Sir Richard’s coat up on the coat rack.

“A capital suggestion,” Sir Richard replied, picking up the pile of correspondence that had built up during his absence. “I have time for a quick one before I had best seek out General Mallory and make a report to him on what exactly is happening up north. It would appear that matters have taken a turn for the worst.

“I find, sir, that that generally is the case.”

“That may well be so, Obadiah, but it behoves us to try and make things better.”

“Indeed, sir. Indeed.”

The End

Thus concludes Sir Richard Hammerman’s encounters with the pygmies in the jungles of southern Africus. He shall return again in Hammer and the Detective, in a tale of spies, subterfuge and kidnapping.


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