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In the Lair of the Bloody Handed – Part Two

sm_TCWB_Bloody Handed

Their progress, while steady, at times had to be aided by cutting a path ahead of them when the undergrowth grew too dense. The forest did not grow on flat land, but across terrain that undulated in a series of low rises and ridges through which gullies cut. Small creeks and streams flowed down through the gullies, across beds of rocks and stones that had been worn smooth by the flow of water, before disappearing off into the forest. In the distance they started to hear the sound of a heavier rush of water, a larger stream or even a river. The noises of the wildlife never abated though rarely did they see anything beyond a flash of colour as a bird took to flight and darted among the trees. Of ground beasts they saw nothing, as they stayed absent, either hiding away in the undergrowth or remaining off in the distance.

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In the Lair of the Bloody Handed – Part One

sm_TCWB_Bloody Handed

It struck Nhaqosa as somewhat funny how things could change. Not the little, everyday things, but the big ones, like how one moment you could be standing in snow and ice with the bitter cold whipping at you, and the next find yourself elsewhere, in this instant that being a steaming jungle, with all around them a wall of verdant growth, and an air that hung suffocating through heat and moisture. And before that it had been deserts, just as hot, but drier, and devoid of any life.

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Nights of Fire – Part Six

sm_TCWB_Nights of Fire

By the time the first light of the following morning had arrived, the snow had begun to fall heavier. Overhead, the sky showed grey and dreary, thick with clouds that roiled across the heavens, a heaving mass that threatened worse to come. The company commenced their ascent up towards the mountains into the teeth of a strong breeze that whipped the snow into their faces, following along trails made by wild beasts, along hillsides and ridgelines.

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Nights of Fire – Part Two

sm_TCWB_Nights of Fire

The weather closed in on around them. The breeze picked up to a wind that howled across the barren hill slopes with a knife like intensity, shredding through their clothes as if they were mere tattered rags, to chill them to the core. Even Nhaqosa, born as he had been in colder climes and graced with a thick hide, felt it. In his mind, the cause of it had been the long years spent in hotter lands, to which he had become acclimatised.

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Nights of Fire – Part One

sm_TCWB_Nights of Fire

The first flakes of snow drifted along upon the air, born aloft by a chill breeze that gusted through the barren, windswept range of hills. They tumbled to a rest on a dozen travellers negotiating their way through the rugged terrain, a rough looking mob bundled up against the weather. The snow melted almost as soon as they had settled on the travellers.

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A Bonus Post and a New Story

With the completion of Hammer of the Pygmies, a new Wednesday story will be starting, this one being Nights of Fire, the sixth in the Chronicles of the White Bull collection, continuing on with the journey of Nhaqosa.

Given the brevity of the last entry for Hammer of the Pygmies, I have decided that later on today I will post the first entry for Nights of Fire to make up for it.

Legion of the Sands – Part Nine

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands

They entered the barracks, Vasara Fal and what remained of his force, along with Nhaqosa and Lakach. In the heart of the main barracks block, they were taken to a chamber, and there Vasra Fal ushered them in.

On a rough cot of the type used by the Legions lay a young man. His skin was pale against his dark hair and his face drawn in obvious pain and discomfort. A heavy bandage was wrapped around his chest while a blanket covered his legs.

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Legion of the Sands – Part Eight

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands

It arrived with a remarkable silence, a curtain of sand and dust that rolled into the square well before Nhaqosa had expected it to. The last rays of sunlight danced across it as off to the west the sun sunk beneath the horizon. For that moment, the dust shimmered in the colours of blood and of gold.

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Legion of the Sands – Part Seven

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands

With the gates that led into the compound missing there was nothing to stop the desert men entering the barracks. Nhaqosa and Lakach crouched down low on top of the wall above the gates, remaining hidden out of sight behind the parapets. The desert men came on towards the gates, riding on their strange lizard mounts.

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Legion of the Sands – Part Six

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands

They raced back through the streets of Hafrata towards the barracks, the humans hard pressed to keep up with Nhaqosa’s long strides. As heavy set as he was, his legs ate up the distance with each step.

Dusk was nearing by the time they approached the barracks. The desert men and their beastly companions had yet to arrive, though not all of Nhaqosa’s band had returned from their explorations of the city yet either. Two of the small groups still remained out there somewhere.

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