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Legion of the Sands – Part Five

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands

Even before dawn had broken, Vasra Fal and his men departed, marching out from the barracks and leaving not a man of their company behind. The storm that had blown so fierce during the night had abated by the time they left, leaving behind a fresh layer of sand and dust that coated everything. It had even worked its way inside through gaps in windows and the doors.

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Legion of the Sands – Part Four

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands

Accompanied by the weary, dust shrouded soldiers of the Legion, Nhaqosa and his band of former gladiators and slaves found themselves marching back through the city and its empty streets. The storm on the horizon grew closer, a wall of dust and sand that clawed high into the air, threatening to swamp them like an oncoming tidal wave.

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Legion of the Sands – Part Three

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands

Beneath a faded red standard marched a body of soldiers in tight formation. The standard pole was crested by a golden sun, atop of which perched a spread winged hawk, gripping the sun in its talons. The standard itself also was emblazoned with the golden sun, in the centre of which, picked out with red thread, had been embroidered the number three.

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Legion of the Sands – Part Two

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands

The band trooped out into what had once been a broad, paved plaza at the heart of the city. A thin layer of rolling sand now covered it, stirred by the winds. A fountain stood at the centre of the plaza, the water now dried out and the basin clogged up with dust and sand, more of which was banked up around it. Once, when the water had flowed, it had been a marvel, having the form of a man astride a horse, his sword raised towards the heavens, supported by four dragons from whose mouths the water had spouted.

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Legion of the Sands – Part One

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands

Coarse grains of dust and sand swirled along the length of the colonnaded boulevard, picked up and driven ahead of the hot, dry wind that swept in from the hungry deserts. Atop the tall and elegant columns perched the imperious marble forms of emperors and generals long since dead. Their blank faces, worn and weathered, looked down over a silent city, home only to the dust and sand and winds, and the ghosts of the past.

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Wisdom From The Ashes – Part Twelve

sm_TCWB_Wisdom from the Ashes

Zethar hobbled into town, his wounded leg a source of constant pain. It would have been easier to be helped along and he knew that to refuse was just his stubborn pride, but he would not enter by anything other that his own feet, walking alongside Nhaqosa.

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Coming Soon

Both of the current stories, Wisdom From The Ashes and Daughter of the Windswept Hills, are drawing close to their ends.

Replacing Wisdom From The Ashes is the next in The Chronicles of the White Bull series, Legion of the Sands, an 8200 word novelette.

sm_TCWB_Legions of the Sands



Following on from Daughter of the Windswept Hills is the next Deeds of Peregrine and Blade sword and sorcery story, an almost 18000 word novella which introduces the other member of the due, Blade, entitled The Red Blade.

sml_The Red Blade

Wisdom From The Ashes – Part Eleven

sm_TCWB_Wisdom from the Ashes

The night was long and cool, with a crisp and clear sky. A scattering of stars were strewn bright across it, pinpoints of brilliant cold light against the sable. Zethar stared up at them, his breath misting. There was a sense of peace there, just watching them, avoiding thoughts of what was to come.

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Wisdom From The Ashes – Part Ten

sm_TCWB_Wisdom from the Ashes

Zethar risked a quick glance down from the hill top where he sheltered. Harmur’s army gathered below, blocking the only real way down. Steep slopes littered with boulders and jagged ridges marred the sides of the hill, making the climb to the top all but impossible, except for one narrow path that wound its way up to the top. There were bodies strewn along the path, twisted and broken from combat.

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Wisdom From The Ashes – Part Nine

sm_TCWB_Wisdom from the Ashes

Screams echoed from the small camp through the hills surrounding it, torn from the sleeping form of Nhaqosa. Abasan, Niati and Lakach were startled from their sleep at the sound of it. It soon became apparent that they could do nothing to aid the minotaur. All they could do was watch on, uncertain and deeply concerned. Nhaqosa writhed on the ground even as he continued to sleep. His crippled hand reached out towards the sky, clawing futilely at the air.

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