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The Tavern Cursed – Part Two

DPB_The Tavern Cursed

The tavern for the most sat empty, the few present filling it with a sombre silence. A portly, red faced man sat at a crude wooden table of uncertain balance, bleary eyes surveying the handful of sullen patrons hunched in their seats, nursing small mugs of ale. A few torches flickered in their sconces, casting dull light through the dingy room, smoke from them curling up around stained support beams. Old rushes were strewn across the uneven pavers of the floor, while the furnishings were makeshift at best. The room smelled of rotten rushes and smoke, of sour ale and stale sweat.

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The Tavern Cursed – Part One

DPB_The Tavern Cursed

A puzzled look flashed across the broad and honest face of the young woman with the auburn hair that had been bound behind her head with a simple leather thong. Amongst the thronging evening crowds of the souk that jostled about, she seemed out of place, a wild animal on edge, untamed fury that boiled beneath the surface, barely restrained.

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Rats in the City – Part Five

DPB_Rats in the City

The tunnel meandered along with seemingly no apparent course, making turns here and there at random. While it was a more comfortable fit, it did not make matters much better. The pungent aroma of rodent still infused the air and now Blade could better make out what he was crawling though. Shuddering, he looked ahead, trying to ignore the soft, squishy sensation beneath his gloved hands.

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Rats in the City – Part Four

DPB_Rats in the City

The tunnel proved both tight and cramped, so much so that Blade could barely lift his head. He was forced to drag himself along with his elbows and push with his feet. The tunnel cut through the stone wall but then plunged into earth, which seemed odd to Blade, as they were at the same level as the bricked in door, and nor where they going downwards, at least not at first. Perhaps, he pondered, the lower level of the tower had become buried, which explained the door.

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Rats in the City – Part Three

DPB_Rats in the City

They tumbled their unsteady course down the stairs, winding around the outer wall of the tower. They heard no sounds from in the tower, but the scrape of feet across the roof above alerted them to the fact that their pursuers had climbed the tower.

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Rats in the City – Part Two

DPB_Rats in the City

The alley led out into a rough street, one deep in the sprawl of the city of Qiaqala, grandest of all cities. It did not much look an improvement over the alley, lacking the pavers that more reputable parts of the city had. The houses, of flimsy wooden design, were packed in tight, making them a perfect candidate for disease and fire. Blade looked each way along the street before simply shrugging

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Rats in the City – Part One

DPB_Rats in the City

The rasp of drawn steel that echoed through the tight confines of the alley roused Peregrine’s attention from her near inebriated meanderings and musings. Her hand fumbled for the broadsword at her side and she cursed as she clutched at an empty scabbard. A short figure in a voluminous hooded cloak dashed at her, a mere shadow in the night shrouded alley, holding a rusty short sword in hand.

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Ray and His Human

Brian was in trouble.

The panel of lights before him that, with depressing regularity, lit up when there was a problem aboard were for the moment dark and silent. Normally that was a cause for celebration given the ramshackle state of his ship.

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Wolf and the Stars

Hearken to me, O Children, and hear of the days when the world was still new, and the dew lay wet upon the ground, of a time when the shadows crept from the dark places to haunt the People.

In those days, the earliest of which we know, in the past so distant that the numbers of the days since are beyond those of the stars of the night, the People dwelt as one. They feared neither the shadows nor the dark places from which they crept, for they were mighty hunters.

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Notes on the The Cahuac Cycle

The Cahuac Cycle has its origins many years ago, back in the late 90s.  I was taking part in an online shared world building game.  Each of us took control of a stone age tribe in various parts of the world and told the story of what happened to them, as they slowly went from palaeolithic hunter-gatherers, settling down and discovering advances such as farming, weaving, domestication of animals and more.  We got into the early bronze age from memory.  As part of the game, I told a story about Cahuac and his battle with the sun.  It was written in such a manner as if it had been told by an oral storyteller from the days before a written language.

Quite a few years later, when working on one of the worlds I’ve written in, I took that old story and worked it into it, as part of the history.  I then added three more short stories to flesh it out further, adding other myths and legends of the deeds of Cahuac.

I have recently started to add some more to them again.  One, Cahuac and the Fisherman, has been finished, another, The Seven Sons of Cahuac, has almost been finished and two more, yet to be named, have been planned.  After they have all been written and tidied up, they will join the first four on the site.