Tales From a Thousand Worlds

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The Red Blade

sml_The Red Blade


The once proud Akuvian city of Ardanium has fallen far from its glory days, now languishing under the sway of those who would prey upon its citizens. Those that live there care not for any but their own interests. Those that fall through the cracks have to fend for themselves, ignored and despised.

One such is the boy Carse, living on the streets and struggling to survive. His life changes when a man called Athradies takes him him and offers him an education, for he sees much promise in the boy, yet all he does is for a purpose, as he has plans to reclaim the city and restore it to its glory.


17700 words


Part One – A Breaking Song

Part Two – The Villa

Part Three – The Swordmaster

Part Four – The Lock Breaker

Part Five – Mistress of the Voice

Part Six – The Mysteries

Part Seven – Purpose

Part Eight – The Red Blade

Part Nine – The Great Endeavour

Part Ten – Legends from the Past

Part Eleven – A Further Message

Part Twelve – Repercussions

Part Thirteen – The Dark Within

Part Fourteen – Blade


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