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The Sign of the Bronze Hammer – Part Eleven

sml_The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

Part Eleven – Deeds to Come

A door swung open in Habd’al’s library where before there had been none to see. Out of it walked Anja, a smile on her lips.

“I should never have shown you that shortcut,” Habd’al said and sighed.

Anja’s smile twitched into a grin, one of unspoken remembrances. “You did not have much choice as I recall. What of the two, did you have a chance to look at them?”

Habd’al set down his tome and peered at her along his nose. “I did. Why them?” he asked, curious as to Anja’s choice. “They do not appear altogether important.”

“In truth, they are not, and less so apart,” Anja admitted, running her hands across the spines of a shelf of tomes.

“Then why did you bring them together?” Habd’al asked.

“What did you make of them?” Anja countered.

“The woman is wild and overly passionate, which will lead her into trouble she can not handle,” Habd’al stated.

“Which he will temper by his caution,” Anja pointed out, walking around behind Habd’al’s chair.

“And if he is left alone, he will withdraw into himself and in time walk down darker paths.”

“Which she will prevent by drawing him out of his shell.”

“So they compliment each other,” Habd’al noted. “What of it? Will it led to them becoming kings and conquerors?”

“Hardly that. Nor will they be rich, at least not for long, for such is the nature of their character. What comes to them will just as soon be gone again. They will do deeds that not many will notice, nor appear meaningful, and yet the pair are needed, to wander the Swordlands, to stir it up to wakefulness, and their deeds will have greater importance than any may realise.” With a smile Anja turned back to the hidden doorway. “Just you watch and see.”

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