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The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

sml_The Sign of the Bronze Hammer


The city of Qaiqala is the greatest of all the city-states of the Swordlands of Kharadas, and here all adventurers in time make their way.  Carse, now calling himself Blade, and still in possession of the cursed Red Blade, seeks means of disposing of it.

In so doing he meets for the first time the wild Aedring swordmaiden Fianna, better known as Peregrine.  Before they can get to know each other, they must work together, to utilise their strengths to complete a task assigned to them.  Only together can they succeed, or even hope to survive.


9100 words


Part One – Qaiqala

Part Two – The Souk of the Crimson Mists

Part Three – First Meetings

Part Four – Peregrine and Blade

Part Five – The Ward of the Resplendent Tiger

Part Six – The Master’s Visitors

Part Seven – The Empty Field

Part Eight- A Path Through The Wild

Part Nine – The Way Forward

Part Ten – Delivery

Part Eleven – Deeds to Come


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