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The Sleepers of the Marsh


Upon the shores of a mist-shrouded marsh, the sword-maiden Peregrine of the Aedring hill tribes and her city-born companion Blade are hunted by mercenaries led by the Metsheputi brothers Ahknetsos and Khetemene.  Legends speaks of an ancient city lost in the swamps, Khatner, one that holds a vast treasure.  The brothers will allow no others a chance to claim it.

Yet Khatner is well guarded by the mists and the marsh, trapping any that seek to breach them.  Those that venture in are never seen again, yet it is here that Peregrine and Blade must venture to escape from those that hunt them.


8950 words


Part One – Hunters and the Hunted

Part Two – Into the Mists and the Marsh

Part Three – The Dark Song

Part Four – A Fallen People

Part Five – A Close Call

Part Six – The Sleepers

Part Seven – Death in the Mists

Part Eight – Memories Forgotten

Part Nine – The Viewing

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