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Dreams of Days to Come

sml_Dreams of Days To Come


A dark and terrible power has arisen in the jungle to the south of Metsheput, sending its inhuman inhabitants to rampage across the lads, bringing death and destruction.  Hanetsi, Queen of Metshput, has dreamed of the darkness, and also of one who would stand in its way, of a flame-haired woman warrior.

Peregrine, the sword-maiden of the Aedring hills, a mercenary in the employ of Metsheput, is tasked by the Queen to defeat the darkness, and so with her companion Carse of the Red Blade, she heads into the jungles to seek out the threat and destroy it before all Metsheput is reduced to ruin.



7,750 words


Part One – The Tomb Unveiled

Part Two – Dreams of the Dark

Part Three  – Dreams of Old

Part Four – Desperate Ventures

Part Five – And The Jungles Spilled Forth

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