Tales From a Thousand Worlds

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The Stories

Tales From A Thousand Worlds

Drawn from a myriad of worlds, the following are tales of action, adventure, of fantastic realms and those that inhabit them.  While there are not yet a thousand worlds, the number will grow as more stories are added.

The current list is of those stories already released and those that are scheduled to be released next – there are plenty more to come.

The Chronicles of the White Bull (Heroic Fantasy)

Through the ruins of a once proud empire and across a dying world travels Nhaqosa the White Minotaur, seeking the long roads home. The lawless lands that he and his companions tread are in the grip of a relentless drought, consumed by oncoming deserts and beset by bandits and monsters. Seldom does he find a place of welcome. These are a few of the stories of his journeys;

Story #1 – The Pit (6250 word short story)

Story #2 – The Merchant’s Legacy (12300 word novelette)

Story #3 – Echoes of Dark Reflections (7850 word novelette)

Story #4 – Wisdom from the Ashes (11000 word novelette)

Story #5 – Legion of the Sands (8200 word novelette)

Story #6 – Nights of Fire (8350 word novelette)

Story #7 – In the Lair of the Bloody Handed (11,000 word novelette)

Story # 8 – Kwaza, Slave (7,300 word short story)

The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade (Sword and Sorcery Fantasy)

You wish to know of the pair they call Peregrine and Blade?  Aye, I know them well; Peregrine, the sword-maiden of the wild Aedring hill clans, and Blade, born and bred in the cities of the civilised plains.  Adventurers, sell-swords, mercenaries, thieves and rogues; call them what you will.  Far they travel on their adventures, yet always they are drawn back to Qaiqala, Queen of Cities, Qaiqala of the Thousand Dreams.  You would hear more of them? Very well, draw me a mug of ale and prepare to be entertained.

Bonus Story – The Chance of a Coin (860 word flash fiction)

Story #1 – Daughter of the Windswept Hills (11750 word novelette)

Story #2 – The Red Blade (17700 word novella)

Story #3 – The Sign of the Bronze Hammer (9100 word novelette)

Story #4 – Rats in the City (6900 word short story)

Story #5 – The Tavern Cursed (7000 word short story)

Story #6 – The Oasis of Broken Bones (10950 word novelette)

Story #7 – The City in Shadows  (8850 word novelette)

Story #8 – Dreams of Days to Come (7,750 word novelette)

Story #9  – The Sleepers of the Marsh (8.950 word novelette)

The Cahuac Cycle (Mythological Fantasy)

Story #1 – Cahuac and the Sun (1870 word short story)

Story #2 – The Bowl of Storms (1840 word short story)

Story #3 – Cahuac and the Bees (1560 word short story)

Story #4 – Wolf and the Stars (1250 word short story)

The Adventures of Ray the Robot (Comedy SF)

Ray the possibly malfunctioning robot has his work cut out for him with a master like Brian, a man prone to putting his foot in it and who attracts trouble like a magnet. Ray is forced time and again to bail Brian out of his predicaments; whether it is naval press-gangs or green alien princesses. Whatever it is, you can be sure Ray has a cutting word or two to say about their adventures.

Story #1 – Ray and His Human (2650 word short story)

Story #2 – Ray and the Alien Princesses (4400 word short story)

The Sir Richard Hammerman Adventures (Alternate Earth Steampunk)

Sir Richard Hammerman, gentleman-adventurer, late of Albion, his most excellent companion, the explorer, scientist and inventor Doctor Hamilton Gooding, and his loyal manservant, Obadiah Crabb, journey through the wild and untamed parts of the world, seeking out the new, the unusual and the unexplained. These are the tales of their adventures;

Story #1 – Hammer of the Pygmies (12100 word novelette)

Story #2 – Hammer and the Detective

Story #3 – Hammer of the Ancients

Story #4 – Hammer and the Pharaoh’s Brewer

Story #5 – Hammer of the Skies


There Honour Lies (2100 word short story) – tragedy

The Bottle (1850 word short story) –horror/weird

Time Waits For No Man (2960 word short story) – horror/weird

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