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The Oasis of Broken Bones

DPB_The Oasis of Broken Bones


Across the harsh deserts and endless steppes of the east flows the wealth of nations, yet the route is dangerous.  Not alone is it raiders that plague the way, but beasts as well.  Though water is scarce, there is one oasis that not even the most desperate will approach, the Oasis of Broken Bones.

Peregrine, the fearless Aedring swordmaiden is determined to uncover the truth of the oasis, dragging her reluctant companion, Blade along with her into danger and mystery.



10,950 words


Part One – The Desert Road

Part Two – The Beast of the Oasis

Part Three – A Place of Respite

Part Four – Leavetaking

Part Five – Bones on the Shore

Part Six – Eyes of Sin

Part Seven – Facing the Beast

Part Eight – Sons of the Sands

Part Nine – Blades in the Moonlight

Part Ten – Song and Will

Part Eleven – An Impressive Beast

Part Twelve – No Easy Death

Part Thirteen – A Chase in the Dark

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