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Rats in the City – Part Three

DPB_Rats in the City

They tumbled their unsteady course down the stairs, winding around the outer wall of the tower. They heard no sounds from in the tower, but the scrape of feet across the roof above alerted them to the fact that their pursuers had climbed the tower.

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Rats in the City – Part Two

DPB_Rats in the City

The alley led out into a rough street, one deep in the sprawl of the city of Qiaqala, grandest of all cities. It did not much look an improvement over the alley, lacking the pavers that more reputable parts of the city had. The houses, of flimsy wooden design, were packed in tight, making them a perfect candidate for disease and fire. Blade looked each way along the street before simply shrugging

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Hammer of the Pygmies – Part One


The room shuddered in accordance with the muffled explosion that sounded from outside of the building. The fine crystal chandelier swayed, while upon the table, with its embroidered white cloth, the porcelain and silverware rattled. A freshly poured cup of tea swayed, though not a drop spilt over the edge.

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Rats in the City – Part One

DPB_Rats in the City

The rasp of drawn steel that echoed through the tight confines of the alley roused Peregrine’s attention from her near inebriated meanderings and musings. Her hand fumbled for the broadsword at her side and she cursed as she clutched at an empty scabbard. A short figure in a voluminous hooded cloak dashed at her, a mere shadow in the night shrouded alley, holding a rusty short sword in hand.

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Upcoming Schedule

With The Sign of the Bronze Hammer, the third Peregrine and Blade short fiction story finished, it is time to reveal what is coming up, and of some changes to the schedule I am planning to make.

The three time a week schedule will continue as before but with some changes to what is posted.

Mondays will be devoted to The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade, with the next story in the series, Rats in the City, starting soon.

On Wednesdays will be a variety of different stories from different collections and genres, with next in line being a steampunk story called Hammer of the Pygmies.

Saturdays will see a new project start, an ongoing episodic serial called The Echo of Ages – part epic fantasy, part adventure archaeology.


The Sign of the Bronze Hammer – Part Eleven

sml_The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

A door swung open in Habd’al’s library where before there had been none to see. Out of it walked Anja, a smile on her lips.

“I should never have shown you that shortcut,” Habd’al said and sighed.

Anja’s smile twitched into a grin, one of unspoken remembrances. “You did not have much choice as I recall. What of the two, did you have a chance to look at them?”

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The Sign of the Bronze Hammer – Part Ten

sml_The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

Once more they proceeded forward, carrying the parcel to the doorway. Blade half feared that, as with previous efforts, this too would result in a test. Surprisingly, the door opened at but a nudge from Peregrine.

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The Sign of the Bronze Hammer – Part Nine

sml_The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

The room inside was not exactly how Blade had expected to be, and in some regards it reminded him of Old Anja’s shop, for it was cluttered with all manner of paraphernalia and devices, which, for the most, he had no understanding of their purpose. Some were of glass or metal, of wood or crystal or substances he did not know. They hung from the ceiling or the walls, stood on the floors or were precariously balanced one on the other. If there existed another means of leaving the room besides the way they had entered, he could not make it out behind all the clutter.

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The Sign of the Bronze Hammer – Part Eight

sml_The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

Together the pair headed in through the trees, along a path that barely existed, winding deeper into the grounds of the estate. A change came over Peregrine as she entered the wild gardens, a subtle shift in her character. She walked with a lighter step and with less tension about her body, appearing to glide as she moved. Blade had the feeling that she belonged in a place like that, in the wild places, as much a creature of it as any animal.

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The Sign of the Bronze Hammer – Part Seven

sml_The Sign of the Bronze Hammer

The moment they had stepped through the gates they came to a sudden stop, for beyond lay merely an empty field, surrounded by the high walls of the compound. There were no buildings or trees, or even grass growing, merely barren ground. Behind them the gates swung shut. Of the slave, no sight could they see.

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