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Daughter of the Windswept Hills

sml_Daughter of the Windswept Hills3


The wild, windswept hill country that the Aedring call home is a place only the hardy survive.  Those that live there are a breed apart, stubborn, fiercely independent and savage, resisting all attempts to conquer them.

A young woman, Fianna, stumbles upon lowland raiders as she undertakes her initiation into her clan, an event that will forever alter the course of her life.  To break the initiation means banishment.  To not could spell the destruction of her clan.


11750 words


Part One – The Windswept Hills

Part Two – The Return

Part Three – I Will Be Waiting

Part Four – We Shall See To These Lowlanders

Part Five – Aedring, Arise

Part Six – I Will Prove My Honour

Part Seven – Honour Is Satisfied

Part Eight – The Aedring March

Part Nine – First Blood

Part Ten – We All Of Us Die

Part Eleven- Daughter of the Aedring

Part Twelve – Peregrine


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