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November Hiatus

As may have been noticed, I have been a tad quiet so far this month.  The reason for that is NaNoWriMo.

I have attempted it a number of times previous, with no success, but this year I am determined to succeed.  So far it is going well – I’m on track and still have ideas to get down.

I will be adding a couple of posts soon I hope, to conclude the two current ongoing stories – The Sleepers in the Marsh and In The Lair of the Bloody Handed.  Plus, after the nanowrimo story is completed and tidied up some, I hope to share it as well.

The Upcoming Schedule

With the start of Echo of the Ages, it is time to announce the schedule for futures posts.  I will still be sticking to three posts a week, with the schedule for each of them as follows;

Saturday:  Echo of the Ages.  Echo of the Ages is a long term project, seeing as how it is a sprawling epic fantasy, with all that entails.  It will be the main focus of the site for now, and certainly have the longest posts.  For now it will be one day a week, though that may change depending on how it goes and how much of a backlog I can build up.

Monday:  The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade.  The story of Peregrine and Blade is far from complete.  So far we are up to the sixth story of their collection.  I have another eight that have been completed and are ready to go, and eight more besides them in various states of being written.  Even once they are done the series will continue on for as long as I have the ideas and people enjoy it.

Wednesday:  Various.  Wednesdays will be for other stories, whether standalone or ones drawn from other series.

Upcoming Schedule

With The Sign of the Bronze Hammer, the third Peregrine and Blade short fiction story finished, it is time to reveal what is coming up, and of some changes to the schedule I am planning to make.

The three time a week schedule will continue as before but with some changes to what is posted.

Mondays will be devoted to The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade, with the next story in the series, Rats in the City, starting soon.

On Wednesdays will be a variety of different stories from different collections and genres, with next in line being a steampunk story called Hammer of the Pygmies.

Saturdays will see a new project start, an ongoing episodic serial called The Echo of Ages – part epic fantasy, part adventure archaeology.



Apologies for the lack of updates of recent.  It hasn’t been for lack of interest or of actual material, but of time to sit down and organise the posts.  Hopefully that will change soon and I can get back on schedule.

Why I Write Short Fiction

Flash fiction, short stories, novelettes and novellas.  I’m a big fan of all forms of short fiction, both reading and writing it.  I didn’t used to be so enthusiastic about it.

Once upon a time I was an avid reader of the epic doorstopper form of fantasy, with its multiple volumes of weighty tomes and series that didn’t end.  However, the more that they didn’t end, the more I began to drift away from them.  Waiting 20+ years for the conclusion of a story I started when much younger began to wear thin.  As did the padding that became more ad more pronounced as the series went on that filled out the books solely to keep the series going.

In addition I didn’t have as much time to devote myself to such weighty series.  And so I began reading other forms of fantasy – short fiction.  The epics went unfinished – there are only a few that I have completed.  I grew to enjoy the shorter form for its sharp action, succinct stories, lack of padding and general fun of action and adventure.

The more I read of them, the more I wanted to write them as well.  I had always thought I’d write those sprawling epics when I was younger, but just as my reading tastes have changed, so have my writing.  I began to write short fiction and found it much easier and fun.  While I knew making a living from short fiction was harder than novels I had found my style and wasn’t going to let that stop me.

Over a couple of years I’ve written a large number of works of short fiction, with a whole bunch more planned.  I look forward to sharing them and hope people have as much enjoyment reading them as I did writing them.