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Tales from a Thousand Worlds and Echo of the Ages are very much labours of love at the moment.  There are ways that you can help support it, by following the four R’s – Read, Rate, Review and Recommend.

Read – Read the stories.  Enjoy them – or not as it takes your fancy.  A story unread is a sad story, its true purpose unfulfilled.

Rate – Like the stories?  You can help support it by rating it in a few places.

Top Web Fiction – Vote for the Tales From a Thousand Worlds and Echo of the Ages over at Top Web Fiction.  The more votes it receives, the more exposure it gets.  You don’t need to log in to vote and a vote doesn’t prevent you voting for another site.

Web Fiction Guide – Over on Web Fiction Guide you can rate the Tales From a Thousand Worlds and Echo of the Ages.   This site and Top Web Fiction are linked sites, but Web Fiction Guide does require a login to use.

Smashwords – A number of the stories, mostly from The Chronicles of the White Bull and The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade, can be obtained from Smashwords so you have your own copy.  Most can also be obtained for free.  They can also be rated on a 5-star basis.

Review – Really like the stories?  Or perhaps you really didn’t – you can let me know.

On The Site – Leave a comment on the site here – I will do my best to reply to all comments, queries and suggestions.

Web Fiction Guide – One step further on from rating is reviewing – reviews are what people really notice.

Smashwords – What goes for Web Fiction Guide also goes for Smashwords.

Recommend – The best method of spreading the word is and always has been word of mouth.  If you really enjoyed it, let others know about it and encourage them to read the stories as well.



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