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Notes on the The Cahuac Cycle

The Cahuac Cycle has its origins many years ago, back in the late 90s.  I was taking part in an online shared world building game.  Each of us took control of a stone age tribe in various parts of the world and told the story of what happened to them, as they slowly went from palaeolithic hunter-gatherers, settling down and discovering advances such as farming, weaving, domestication of animals and more.  We got into the early bronze age from memory.  As part of the game, I told a story about Cahuac and his battle with the sun.  It was written in such a manner as if it had been told by an oral storyteller from the days before a written language.

Quite a few years later, when working on one of the worlds I’ve written in, I took that old story and worked it into it, as part of the history.  I then added three more short stories to flesh it out further, adding other myths and legends of the deeds of Cahuac.

I have recently started to add some more to them again.  One, Cahuac and the Fisherman, has been finished, another, The Seven Sons of Cahuac, has almost been finished and two more, yet to be named, have been planned.  After they have all been written and tidied up, they will join the first four on the site.

The Origins of The Pit

The Chronicles of the White Bull collection was actually born out of another project, one that hasn’t been completed yet.  That story featured Elad, the knight who appears in The Pit, as one of the main characters.

At the time I was just starting to get interested in writing short fiction and decided to do a piece featuring him, to get a idea of who he was and the setting.  It was while writing that story that Nhaqosa emerged.  Initially he was there to provide an outsiders view of Elad, but right from the start he began to take over the story as a major character in his own right.  And then he demanded further stories to be written about him.

In the end eight stories were written of his journeys and the story that spawned it still hasn’t been written yet.  While his journey is complete it may be that he will make an appearance again in the future.