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There Honour Lies


there honour lies


In the aftermath of a terrible battle, rash words and hasty deeds see the elderly Lord John of Eastbrook challenge a much younger knight to a duel of honour, a trial of arms that he knows he has no chance of winning.  Nonetheless honour demands that he has no option but to see it through.


2100 words

Background Notes:

The origins of this story date back from a writer’s workshop class in the last years of high school, around ’91 or ’92, making it the oldest surviving story in my collection.

For the class we were shown a painting of an elderly looking soldier with a gray beard and a Spanish conquistador style helmet with a red plume. There was something of a sad look to his face. I can still see that painting, even over twenty years later.

I no longer know where that original story is, but the plot remained with me and this version is true to that plot.


There Honour Lies




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