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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

Yes, I am still around.  This place isn’t dead yet and will be starting up again soon.

After the excitement of NaNo, I plunged into the madness of December and of holidays.  I am currently still visiting family and won’t be home for a couple more weeks.  That means reduced writing time and internet access to even do much with.

The good news is I have a number of new short fiction ready and waiting to go, including Kwaza, Slavethe final instalment in The Chronicles of the White Bull, two new Cahuac Cycle stories – Cahuac and the Fisherman and The Seven Sons of Cahuac, the next instalment in the Sir Richard Hammerman Adventures, called The Hammer and the Detectiveas well as working on a new Ray the Robot story and a new, unnamed horror/weird story.

There are also a number more Deeds of Peregrine and Blade stories either in the words, or complete, including the 25,000 word The Heart of Forever novella and the 18,000 word The Curse of the Black Lights novella.

Hammer of the Pygmies – Part Nine

The cavern began to narrow the further they proceeded down alongside the stream, with the walls closing in around them. The fallen boulders and stones that had littered the floor around where they had entered the chamber became less of an impediment, growing fewer in number, allowing them to pick up their pace.

Follow this link for Part Nine of Hammer of the Pygmies