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Monthly Archives: November 2016

November Hiatus

As may have been noticed, I have been a tad quiet so far this month.  The reason for that is NaNoWriMo.

I have attempted it a number of times previous, with no success, but this year I am determined to succeed.  So far it is going well – I’m on track and still have ideas to get down.

I will be adding a couple of posts soon I hope, to conclude the two current ongoing stories – The Sleepers in the Marsh and In The Lair of the Bloody Handed.  Plus, after the nanowrimo story is completed and tidied up some, I hope to share it as well.

The Sleepers of the Marsh – Part Eight

The mists once more began to thicken out across the marsh, rolling onwards in waves. Again the silence began to descend over the region as the gloom of the shrouded sun took hold. Peregrine stood atop the small island that Ket and his kin had lived upon, looking out, still half expecting trouble. After a short time Blade joined her, his sword sheathed.

Follow this link for Part Eight of The Sleepers of the Marsh