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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 2 – Chapter 5

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 2 – Song of the Earth

Chapter 5 – Dreams and Visions

A curious detachment settled upon Kathri, a haze that clouded her emotions, leaving her intellect alone behind. She looked down, to see her body laying upon the cushions, with Sudha and Amaran standing above her.

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Ray and the Alien Princesses – Part One


The plasma shroud detonated just off ahead of the fleeing corvette Halicarnassus, erupting in a scintillating display of vividly blossoming colours set against the chill black of deep space. If not for the inherent threat it posed – and represented – Brian would have found the expanding superheated cloud an enthralling vision, a sight that lived up to the nickname bestowed upon it; the Deathblossom.

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Dreams of Days to Come – Part One

sml_Dreams of Days To Come

The torrential rains that had swept their way across the rolling hills with an elemental fury, like some admonishing deluge of the kind that had drowned far Muru or wicked Tela, or the gleaming golden spires of Helastra, had at last abated, their wrath spent. The sky, swept clean of the clouds that had once curtained it, now shone forth a brilliant azure. Rivers and streams, swollen near to bursting, thundered forth, their waters churned up and carrying before them the detritus that had been swept up in their path by the storms, of broken branches and entire trees and more.

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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 2 – Chapter 4

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 2 – Song of the Earth

Chapter 4 – A Singing of the Blood

Amaran opened the flap of the tent and stepped inside, holding it open for Kathri. For a moment Kathri hesitated before following, uncertain as to what to expect but with no other choice but to do so.

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Coming Up Next

With both Nights of Fire and The City in Shadows having finished, we will be moving on to the next stories.

The City on Shadows will be followed by the eight Peregrine and Blade story, entitled Dreams of Days to Come.  A dark and terrible power has arisen in the jungles to the south of Metsheput, bringing with it death and destruction.  At the behest of the Metsheputi Queen, Peregrine and Blade travel to confront the darkness before it brings ruin to all.

Nights of Fire will be followed by the second of the comedic sci-fi Ray the Robot stories.  In Ray and the Alien Princesses, Ray’s hapless master Brian is  on the run from NavCorp for, among other things, Grand Theft Starship and impersonating a robot.  Crash landing on an alien planet, he finds it is inhabited by a bevy of green skinned alien princesses who desire his help.  Ray is less than convinced of their designs and once more has to save his master, whether he desires it or not.

Nights of Fire – Part Eight

sm_TCWB_Nights of Fire

They spent that night in the cave with Marran and the yhara-te, sharing a meal of roasted lizard as they listen to Marran regal them with tales of his time spent living alongside the primitive creatures of the northern mountains. One by one they fell asleep on the fleeces provided, the cave staying warm even as the fire burnt low, heated by the warmth of many bodies.

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The City in Shadows- Part Five

sml_The City in Shadows

Through the long halls of the mausoleum they ran, where no living soul had trod for years beyond remembering. Along empty corridors they tracked their prey, the soft glow of Blade’s arcane illumination bathing murals and mosaics upon the walls depicting scenes best left forgotten. Gaping doorways opened up into chambers silent and dark, but these they paid scant attention to, intent only on following their comrades and those who had taken them.

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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 2 – Chapter 3

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 2 – Song of the Earth

Chapter 3 – The Hospitality of Strangers

Light greeted Kathri as she rose up out of her sleep, a shaded light. Her eyes flickered opened, seeing above her cloth woven into broad white and purple stripes, a cloth light enough to allow the breeze in and not trap the heat but still able to block the glare of the sun.

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Nights of Fire – Part Seven

sm_TCWB_Nights of Fire

Snows and winds lashed at them as they followed the yhara-te up mountain paths, the sky darkening with both heavy clouds and the ending day. Nhaqosa peered through the weather, trying to follow where they were headed. Snow capped crags rose up sheer around them, and precipitous slopes dropped away, fading into the clouds, and all about spread the endless vista of grey and white. It would not do to be lost up there, not with the weather turning for the worst. Nhaqosa knew all he could do was hope that soon they would find a place of shelter, for his companions were beginning to suffer, shivering as each fresh blast of wind buffeted them. He had been too eager in his desires and had not allowed sufficient time to properly prepare for the weather that they were new encountering, an error for which he chided himself.

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The City in Shadows – Part Four

sml_The City in Shadows

Peregrine watched with guarded expressions as their former adversaries entered the mausoleum, leading their horses up the stairs and through a gap made in the barricade for them. Earlier, she had helped construct the barricades when the first ghouls had surprised them. Quick reflexes alone had put the ghouls down, preventing any being taken by them.Emir Barazi let fly a string of mellifluous curses as he watched his prey slip away once more, this time into the runs of the unexpected city. The long chase of many days deep into the inhospitable wastes of the desert had drawn on for far too long, and he wished simply for it to be brought to an end. Having to hunt for the fugitives through the city would only serve to delay matters further.

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