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Time Waits For No Man

There are those that say that a man’s life is measured, heartbeat by heartbeat, from the time he is born to the time he finally expires and that there are only a finite number of heartbeats available to them. Slow the heart and you prolong the life.

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The Bottle

I write this missive in that hope that one day, however scant that event may be, someone shall come across it and relieve me of the curse that I find myself subjected to. How I came by it, I do not know, for fates have dealt me this hand doom blindly, as is their wont. Were it not for the fact that it had happened to me, I would scarcely have believed it possible. I also write this so as to remind myself of the events that led up to this, my memory not being what it used to. The events have left me doubting all that I have seen and experienced.

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There Honour Lies

there honour lies

The sorrow-filled field at last lay still, the battle won, or lost, depending on perspective. Across it were strewn the bodies of men and horses, twisted into grim caricatures of the once living, and about them was the scattered detritus of battle; splintered shields and broken swords, discarded spears, arrows by the score and the once proud banners of knights and lords.

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