Tales From a Thousand Worlds

Updates Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

The Upcoming Schedule

With the start of Echo of the Ages, it is time to announce the schedule for futures posts.  I will still be sticking to three posts a week, with the schedule for each of them as follows;

Saturday:  Echo of the Ages.  Echo of the Ages is a long term project, seeing as how it is a sprawling epic fantasy, with all that entails.  It will be the main focus of the site for now, and certainly have the longest posts.  For now it will be one day a week, though that may change depending on how it goes and how much of a backlog I can build up.

Monday:  The Deeds of Peregrine and Blade.  The story of Peregrine and Blade is far from complete.  So far we are up to the sixth story of their collection.  I have another eight that have been completed and are ready to go, and eight more besides them in various states of being written.  Even once they are done the series will continue on for as long as I have the ideas and people enjoy it.

Wednesday:  Various.  Wednesdays will be for other stories, whether standalone or ones drawn from other series.

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