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Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 3 – Chapter 1

Echo of the Ages

Book 1 – The Crown of Fire

Part 3 – Scion of the Wyrm

Chapter 1 – The Street of Antiquities

Crowds gathered thick in the market street, pressing in tight around Kathri as she made her way along it. She was as much carried by the crowd as made her own way, so tight packed where they. Pushing against the flow would have been a major struggle, but they were headed in the direction she wished to go and so she did not fight it, even if it was against her nature to be pushed around by others or to enjoy it. The noise of the crowd, of talking and shouts and laughter swirled all around her, a cacophony of many languages all blending into a solid mass. She shut it out the best that she could, concentrating on trying to pick a path through the throng.

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2 responses to “Echo of the Ages – Book 1 – Part 3 – Chapter 1

  1. Eduardo September 9, 2016 at 9:27 am

    Nice tale, linking past with present. A lot of references to blood and to the living, this makes me wonder if there are vampires in this great doom to come.
    Well, nicely written, thank you for the fun.


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